“The Loft” US Trailer + Release Date

Yahoo! Movies released the first US trailer for “The Loft“. The movie will now be distributed by Open Roads in the US and will be released next month already: on January 23, 2015. The official US poster has been added to our gallery and the motion poster can be found at: TheLoftMotionPoster.com. You can also follow the official twitter account of the movie @LoftTheMovie and Facebook account /TheLoftMovie. The official trailer has been added in our video archive and screencaptures have been added in our gallery.

The first rule of The Loft is…you don’t tell anybody else about the Loft. That’s the deal five married buddies strike when they decide to share the keys to a deluxe penthouse in the sky that will serve as an “oasis” from their wives. “Think about it,” promises handsome ringleader Vincent (Star Trek’s Karl Urban) in the thriller’s new trailer, “No messy hotel bills, no questionable credit card activity.” His argument eventually sway his pals, including Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, Mattias Schoenaerts and even a dubious James Marsden, who initially (and unconvincingly) insists “I’m not like that.”

Marsden’s fears prove well-founded when the group discovers a woman’s bloodied corpse left behind in the loft, lying beneath a cryptic message scrawled on the bed’s headboard. A strange phone call from an unidentified woman immediately follows and the group starts to fracture as they plot their best course of action. Marsden wants to go to the police, but Urban would rather pursue the investigation internally, especially once it becomes clear that the murder may have been an inside job. Naturally, duplicity and metaphorical (and literal) backstabbing are sure to follow in the wake of that kind of revelation. Just goes to show you that some real estate deals really are too good to be true.

The Loft opens in theaters on January 23.

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