Matthias Featured On SZ Magazine

Matthias is featured in the German interview SZ Magazine which is an interview without words. We have added the digital magazine scans and photoshoot outtakes in our gallery as well as the behind the scenes image with the photographer.

Do not say anything now, Matthias Schoenaerts
The actor Matthias Schoenaerts in the interview without words about his Belgian descent, his career plan B and lovesickness because of Romy Schneider.

Born: December 8, 1977 in Antwerp
Occupation: actor
Education: Studied at the Drama Academy Antwerp
Status: Look into my eyes

These eyes. They can look totally stunned, but also heartwarming. For example, the taste of rust and bones: Matthias Schoenaerts plays the full praised Ali, who, because he is not constrained by compassion, gets the only access to a woman (Marion Cotillard), who finds the life that lies before her unreasonable. A legless life after a trained killer whale has attacked her. Schoenaert’s gaze from the eyes, which are so close together, is at the same time callous and emotional, that is already great cinema. Or Bullhead, an early film from the Belgian home of Matthias Schoenaerts. In Bullhead, he’s Jacky, a rancher who injects hormones into his animals to speed them up, and injects himself with hormones to make him look like what he calls a real man. Jacky looks like a buffalo before he understands that he is severely traumatized and rightly has a masculinity complex. Then he touches one deeply. Over the past few years, Schoenaerts has been portraying smarter guys, alongside superstars Kate Winslet, Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, and Red Sparrow with Jennifer Lawrence. That works, no question. But the block heads make it unforgettable.